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Friday, December 17, 2010

They'll be Comin' Round

So I'm sitting in Funkee Monkees... an indoor cafe/play centre. Food has arrived -- a plate of mini-spring rolls and a couple of small pies. It smells good but I sense it isn't going to satisfy growing bodies.

I'm always amazed and amused by the boundless energy that children spend in such places. Up and down, up and down. Such regularity, such monotony. The sameness doesn't however bother the little ones.

A couple of little kiddies and their mummies are playing bumper cars with the cafe chairs. A novel idea... and I narrowly escape collision.

After 20 minutes the 3 year old catches a whiff of something wafting past the kitchen door. Now for her, the place has become really interesting.

Everything's ridiculously expensive these days and due to XYZ regulation, we're not allowed to bring our own food. The girls think that everything on display is gratis.

They spend the next 90 minutes pestering me for food at regular intervals.

When it's time to leave, I feel a little poorer for the experience.

"Do we have to pay?" the 9 year old asks naively.
"Yeah, this is not a charity." I retort a tad peevishly.

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