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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Rains Came Down

Last week was a sad and strange week. Sad, because lives and possessions were lost. Strange, because it felt so distant.
A tragedy unfolded in the city that I lived in and yet I felt far removed from its realities. We were advised over and over again to stay away and so we did.
Names of the places we knew came up on my computer screen... an area in which I used to live... all inundated in a natural disaster.
Here was I... kilometres away... far removed from it all. Feeling helpless... numb from the barrage of images that passed my screen. Deeply moved by the stories that were being recounted on the radio.

On Thursday, a friend sent an email. One of our MOPS mums had gone to one of the evacuation sites and was hoping to collect some baby items. It was my chance to do something at last. I jumped into my car and took off to the nearby Coles.

I dunno... it felt so ridiculously meagre... But as everyone says in such time... "Every little bit helps".

I have an idea in the works... It's the best way I can contribute to the recovery. A fundraiser of sorts.
I'll get into it over the next few weeks.


  1. so many amazing ideas are being supported all for the one cause ... I love it xx

  2. Hey Michelle...
    Thanks for commenting for staying with me all this time.
    It's really encouraging.


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