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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Disney has updated the Rupunzel fairytale with a wonderful animated feature called Tangled.
It's funny, witty and heartwarming and stars one of my favourite actors, Zachary Levi (from the tv show "Chuck"), as the voice of the Flynn Rider.

For me, the most fascinating thing at the centre of this happily-ever-after story, is a sophisticated  and disturbing morality tale about a dysfunctional relationship between a young woman and her adoptive mother. Rupunzel, who is really a princess, was kidnapped by an aging tinkerer of magic/herbalist (not sure what her official title is) and has been duped into believing that the world out there is too dangerous for a girl with magical hair. With echoes of The Phantom of the Opera, an eighteen-year old Rupunzel has been brainwashed over the years by her captor to believe that she is safer in the tower, secluded from the big bad world eager to take advantage of her. The tower in which she lives, appears on the surface to be the safest place for her, which in actual fact is her prison cage. Using manipulative language and emotional blackmail, the adoptive mother holds Rupunzel in the tower for her own purposes.
The fact is, Rupunzel has the power to leave but the psychological and emotional hold that Mother Gothel has over her is the actual villany that imprisons her.
More than a fairytale, Rupunzel is a parable about freedom. Freedom to give, to love, to choose and to make mistakes. There's a beautiful moment in the film, encapsulated by the handsome Flynn aka Eugene when he stridently opposes Rupunzel's bargain with Mother Gothel to save his life.
It's a terrific film. One of the best things that's come out of Disney (outside of Pixar) in a while.

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  1. my mother and i saw this film too, lilian! 'twas really good! :)


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