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Friday, January 7, 2011

Treasures under the Tree

There are some who think that Christmas is nothing but a waste of money because there are millions of dollars of unwanted gifts exchanging hands every year.
You'll get no argument from me that Christmas has become very commercialized and that most of the world has lost sight of the Christ in Christmas.
However, this doesn't mean the act of giving gifts is a bad custom even if people end up getting things they don't particularly want. Disappointing as that may be, however, it isn't a good argument against giving at Christmas.

There is something meaningful in that, don't you think? Giving, I mean. Individual generosity to the people you love. Generosity to people you have never met.

The husband has taken a more pragmatic approach in recent years by asking me what I wanted for Christmas. I've stopped saying "surprise me" or pushing him to be spontaneous in recent times. Because after almost 15 years of marriage, I don't think spontaneous, in this department, works for him or for me all that well. Most husbands, I think, need a little help.

This year he gave me everything on my list of 3. Jamie Oliver's 30 Minute Meals, a portable iPhone/iPod dock and a book seat. It was a pleasant surprise to get all three. Wonderful, really.
He did protest a little about the Jamie Oliver cook book... was worried that it would give the wrong idea. But I told him I didn't mind. I like cook books mainly for the pretty pictures anyway.

The 9 year old was happy to get her Smiggle stationery from various sources. The 3-almost-4-year old was probably more excited about ripping the gift wrap off than receiving the actual present itself. She has a ever-present monomania for destruction and Christmas seems to feed that nagging ache in her soul.

All our feeble efforts, nonetheless... are just that compared to the wonderful gift that we received from our God... His Son... who gave his life so that we poor beggarly sinners can be forgiven... can have new life... and be reconciled to our Creator.
No earthly possession can match that. Not even remotely.

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  1. I have to agree with your opening statement. From what I can remember, by 10 yrs old, I've started asking for red packet money for all special occasions instead. I'd save them up in the bank for that long-term need.

    But yes, Christmas is about giving and receiving and our earthly gift-giving cannot be compared to the gift of Salvation.

    Perhaps more thoughtful gifts should be promoted and demanded. Less of those chocolates and junk foods. What about using the money to buy that $10 chocolate voucher to help buy a hen or a goat for others in another country. Or give to a missionary.


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