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Sunday, February 20, 2011

For the Love of Books 2

In a good week, I usually have a couple of books going. Currently I'm reading Crusades: The Illustrated History, The Great Instrumental Works, The Father of Us All: War and History. The first two are library books and very good ones. I'm doing a bit of research into classical music for a piece of fiction I'm working on. The history books are for my own general edification, to make up for a lot of ignorance and a lack of a classical education. And then there's the George W Bush memoir on my iPhone kindle that's a third read. Which is incidentally, immensely readable -- warm, chatty and personable.

So why do I read? Mainly for my own edification. It's been about 15 years since I finished my second degree and I do miss the learning and the research that went into putting together a dissertation.

A year and a half ago, when it became increasingly obvious that the general public was being scammed about the so-called climate change concensus, it occurred to me that the mainstream media wasn't given us the full facts about almost everything. I turned to the new media -- the news blogs primarily -- as an alternative to gain some kind of balance on the important issues. It reignited my interest in politics and sparked my interest in reading non-fiction again.

My husband jokes about my penchant for murder mysteries as a sign of morbidity. He may be right but I've been reading them since I was 11 without inflicting violence on anyone. My mother-in-law and I were talking about our mutual interest in crime television last week and Midsomer Murders in particular. The husband made his usual dig, I rolled my eyes and muttered that he was still alive, wasn't he? I watch 'em and read 'em because they're basically puzzles, they're about human nature and the crazy stuff people do to each other. The really good ones are more than well-plotted whodunnits.

I spend far too much time on blogs... sometimes to the detriment of sleep. But it's such a big world out there and there's so much happening. It helps keep me connected and informed.

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