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Monday, February 21, 2011

My Funny Valentine (Proverbs 14:1)

(Adapted from a devotion given on 16 Feb 2011 at a MOPS meeting)
Proverbs 14:1 The wisest of women builds her house, but folly with her own hands tears it down.

If you’re like me, I’m sure you find housework pointless and frustrating. No sooner have you tidied up one part of the house, it’s dirty again.
You’ve swept and mopped the dining area and the next thing you see on the floor are crumbs, grains of rice and other miscellaneous food scraps scattered all over sacred whiteness.
You get the kiddies to tidy their room or rooms and an hour later it’s a pig sty or the aftermath of a natural disaster. Even when they tidy up, it's more about hiding stuff, squeezing, chucking and hogging than neatness.
This leads to unholy thoughts that perhaps locking the kids out of the house at night might be a viable permanent solution.

Home building, nonetheless, is not just about housework or keeping the place ship shape. Building character and  overseeing the spiritual development of our children is just as important as us teaching them good habits. Home making is a full-time job whether you have a paid job or not.
But we’re building something... and building takes time, effort and bucket loads of patience.
On the negative side, the opposite side of building is tearing down. It’s interesting to also observe that Satan, called “a thief” in John’s gospel who comes to steal, kill and destroy.
Building a home is not just about the children or the physical building in which we live . It’s also about building our marriages... our relationship with our spouses.
As parents of young children, it is easy to stop working on our marriages and throw all our energy into the children. By the end of most days there usually isn't a lot of energy left to do any more building.

This Valentine's Day we didn't do much. We kinda forgot that it was happening... as we were more focused on the birthday.
Anyhow, we sent the kiddies off to bed, watched Lord of the Rings and had a classy Thai take-away in bed with no candle lights or violin music in the background. It's more or less what we did last year except it was some unmemorable action flick instead of LOTR.

I like to think it worked for us on a certain level and perhaps as the girls get older, we'll be able to get out more. It's true that Valentine's Day is a bit commercialized but isn't everything these days with retailers all trying to make a buck in these uncertain economic times. Still, our story proves that romance on a budget can be had.

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