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Monday, February 21, 2011

Why No Hail

At around 2ish this arvo, the sky started to look threatening. Alas an antidote to the ridiculous humidity... was my first thought as I peered out of the blinds.Then there were the rumblings in the distance.
School pick up was just around the corner and I was deliberating whether or not to drive or chance it.
In the end, faced with walking in the steamy outdoors and then suddenly caught in the onslaught of a thunderstorm, I thought the car was definitely the better alternative.

3 o'clock and the road to school was quieter than normal. Perhaps mums and dads had come early to pick up the kiddies and gone home. Good thinking. As I stood waiting in the park, the 9 year old came hurtling towards me like a speeding bullet. "Muuuuuuuum... there's hail predicted..."
She, you will recall, is the dramatist in our home.
From the school ground to the car, she clings on to me with palpable urgency. "Quick, mum... we need to get home before it hails." And then plies me with a dozen questions a minute about hail as if I was the Encyclopedia Britannica in the flesh. I told her I didn't know it was going to hail. She, in turn, informed me that her teacher Ms E told them about it because she had an iPhone.
I have an iPhone too but I couldn't be bothered to look. A thunderstorm is a thunderstorm. Looking at the radar charts won't send it on its merry way.

From school to kindy to home, she's hurrying me to get home for fear of hail. She didn't want to get hit by hail, you see even as she herself acknowledged, "Mum... it's I'm so glad we're nice and warm in our car." I wouldn't have thought the car warm... more like a toaster oven... but I didn't bother correcting her. It's a tad cruel to try and dampen such enthusiasm. Sometimes I just don't bother.

Three quarters of an hour later, it's pouring cats and dogs. She turned to me almost disappointed.
"Where's the hail... I can't see the hail..."
"You sound disappointed that there's none."
"But it was predicted."
"It's hard to predict the weather with a degree of accuracy all the time. The weather bureau can't get it right all the time. And there could be hail somewhere else."
She muttered something under her breath but I was in the kitchen doing something or other.

Kids are so kiddie-ish... For them everything is a discovery... a nice reminder to those of us who yawn "same o'l, same o'l" that we should never take the details of life for granted.

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