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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Assortment of Needles and Books

There are plenty of things worse than a root canal, not least of which is the dentist's bill. Staring at the three digit figure at the bottom of a list of gobbledegook sends an otherwise functioning mind into deep freeze. Mind numbing but not in the good anesthetic sort of way. The upside of this... my penance for years of youthful indulgence of sweets and softdrinks, followed by repentant dental care. The downside? I don't doubt there's more patching up to come.

Less painful is childhood vaccination. Immunization has had a bad rap in recent times but needles don't scare me in the slightest. Sure, it stings but it's nothing like coughing up several hundred dollars for having one's tooth nerves removed or a new pair of glasses with the latest bells and whistles.
Taking a child to have their shots is another matter entirely. It's a highly unpredictable scenario... That initial frown, the whimper and then the shout of pain, followed by a pathetic cry and then tears...
Some kids don't react well to pain which is bad enough. Then they give you the why-did-you-do-this-to-me-mummy-I-thought-you-cared look.
I may have gotten it once. From 9 year old.
Generally mine are okay with a bit of pain but one never knows with these things.

I'm not sure what the 4 year old's epidermal layer is made of... or what kind of superduper X-Men-like chemicals runs through her blood and veins. If  I did, I could be a rich mama marketing the secret to Big Pharma.
She was... oddly...  a picture of nonchalance. Not a cry, shout, squeak or whimper. The doc was impressed, I was doubly impressed (expecting the worse as usual) and the clinic was so quiet you could hear a needle drop.
Oh yeah, my little girl was freakishly brave, living up to her nickname of "Daredevil".
It was as if the entire exercise was some kind of scientific curiosity for her. Don't know if I should be worried.

9 year old just popped in to remind me that the monthly Scholastic book catalogue is due this Friday.
I says to her: I'll try to remember to pay for it tomorrow morning, if I have time.
She says to me: I'll remind you tomorrow.
I says to her: It's not the end of the world if we don't get anything this month.
She says to me (piteously): It will be for me...

Well, what's a mother to do? Especially where books are concerned.

Speaking of books, I toddled into a local Angus and Robertson today for their big 50% storewide clearance. Looked like almost half the stuff was gone. Got a few things for the kiddies... hard to browse with a preschooler nipping at your heels wanting this and that and the other.
Angus and Robertson have been something of an icon in this country for decades. It's a shame to see it go out of business. Parallel import restrictions aside, it does make one wonder if this marks the beginning of the end of bricks and mortar bookstores. Specialist, independent bookstores may yet survive it all. I expect that there will be a demand for hard copy books for some time yet.

I'm supposed to be getting ready for a Bible Study on Friday night. But I am so so tired. A whole day with the 4 year old, while good can be pretty full on. Last couple of nights making cards in aid of  good cause was really good fun. (The chair's dreadful for that sort of thing though) Some of us talked about doing this more regularly and we may. I have so much stuff that just sits around collecting dust, screaming out to be used. (Probably explains why 4 year old obliges by sticking her fingers into "mummy's stuff". Still, I have so many ideas in the pipeline and I'd hate to be sidetracked. I expect that I'll be making some difficult decisions as the year progresses.

Now, where was I? Bible study... Friday night... oh yeah... "Jesus Basics" is the name of the class I'm responsible for. I expect to spending a bit of time in the gospels and will start with the claims of Christ in John's gospel. The "I Am" statements.
  • I am the bread of life
  • I am the light of the world
  • I am the resurrection and the life
  • I am the good shepherd
  • I am the door
  • I am the way, the truth and the life
  • I am the vine
  • Before Abraham was, I am
This is what I remember just at the top of my head. Plenty to start with, I think. I'll probably end up putting my own stuff together and "borrowing" chunks from Keller's King's Cross. A Godsend... that book. Has come at a time in my life when I desperately needed to hear its words.
One thing I used to hear a lot as a student is that Jesus never claimed to be God. I still hear it from time to time. Those "I am" statements pack a powerful punch especially when we ponder the significance of those two words. Really, it highlights the need to  have a good working knowledge of the Old Testament to be able to make those connections accurately. We are so blessed, us New Testament types, to see the big picture... the entire redemption plan unfolding in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

Pity we don't read it more. All of it.

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