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Monday, March 28, 2011

Cruisin' the Brisbane River

It's Friday night. We're in Brisbane CBD. Kids in tow. No romantic candlelit dinner planned.

So we're standing at Eagle St Pier waaaaaaaaaiting for our church buddies to arrive. Very pretty to look at but after 10 minutes, the kiddies get a bit restless. "I'm bored, mum..." says the 9 year old.

 The Kookaburra Queen looks very pretty with the lights. We're sharing the ride. Wedding on the upper deck and a party below. We get the bit in the middle.

 Had dinner in the car before we got there. McDees drive thru'. Don't hold it against us plebs. Kookaburra Queen maybe a luxurious lady but we're economy class ticket holders.

 Night time scenery by the river is also vvewy pweety.

 Girl lookin' at you is Keiko from Nagasaki. She hopped on a plane a day after the tsunami. Returned to Japan last Saturday.

Finally we board. On tenterhooks for the merest second. Have visions that they're going to put us in the hold.

Ah... things are looking up. Hi ho,  hi ho it's up the stairs we go

Not bad. Loads of room for 40 something people

 May we have this dance?

Enjoying a cool evening with a gentle breeze sweeping through the vessel. I had an attack of hayfever earlier in the day. Lasted all weekend.

It's good to see the city come back to life after the floods. Businesses like the Kookaburra Queen are probably getting back on their feet after temporary closures along the river.

The little one fell asleep on my lap (waaaaaaaaay past her bedtime) and there was something comforting about looking out at the Brisbane River, wind in my face, with a child in my arms at peace with her surroundings.

A gentle reminder that life goes on... life keeps chugging along...


  1. Ahhh I had my Semi-formal on that boat. It was lots of fun but waaay too crowded.

  2. I can imagine. A couple of hundred screaming teens?!
    But not too crowded when we were on it. I think they're still recovering from the floods.

    Did you make it to the dance floor?


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