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Thursday, March 10, 2011


HDS is a condition of the mind that afflicts, to a large extent, the fairer sex. It's not particularly life threatening although it can be budget blowing... potentially causing relationship tensions. There have been no recorded instances of violence to date, which have resulted from the condition.  Partners and husbands often misunderstand the gravity of the situation, believing it to be a result of fanciful whims when the condition goes to very core of individual identity. As long as a cure is not imminent, sufferers will be on a lifelong journey in search of the perfect ONE.

Handbag Dissatisfaction Syndrome (HDS) affects a statistically improbable number of women. Symptoms include frustration, unplanned detours to bag shops, a large collection of used and unused bags and a violent compulsion to rip up cheap knock-offs that come unstuck after a week of heavy use.
Concerned spouses and interested parties should seek the aid of experts in the diagnosis of this condition. A wrong diagnosis could result in the condition deteriorating further.

Experts say that women who suffer from HDS are in search of the Holy Grail of fashion accessories-- an ideal bag which complies with all of their socializing requirements while maintaining compatability with their entire wardrobe and assortment of accompanying accessories.

There is currently no known cure although preventative measures have seen modest success. Monthly retail therapy and wardrobe screenings are highly recommended. HDS support groups are often seen gathering in coffee shops and food courts in major suburban shopping centres. No secret password or handshake is required for membership entry.

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