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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just another noisy Wednesday

Yeah... back from MOPS and catching up on my daily internet rounds.
Occasionally it begs the question... however did we manage without the internet?
We did, of course,  manage. I'm old enough to remember life without the internet but we lived with all the "inconveniences" without any dramas.
But what we have with the internet is choice. Too much perhaps. And convenience by the bucketload.

I'm wrestling with the 4 year old as I'm tapping this out. A game of push and shove. She's jumped onto the bed with me and is fooling around with my earphones. She thinks in a way consistent with her age that somehow plugging the earphone into the jack will cause sound to magically trickle through the wiring even if there is no audio playing. Well, she's just discovered that it doesn't. Which means she's bored. Now she's begging me to watch telly... vintage Bugs chomping  on carrots and offering his usual wisecracks.
The laptop's internal fan whirrs in the background while the bottom of the machine grows hotter with each minute.
Methinks the laptop is on its last legs. Coughing and spluttering all the way to its three year finishing line.

There's banging outside. Ah, C  is back to work on our fence. Yay! We have a fence again. Boo hiss... it's fence painting time.

It's hot. I don't like the prospect of having to do school pickup on foot... and with a 4 year old who doesn't want to hold hands while crossing the road. I've more or less stopped doing it because it got dangerous. Busy road and all that. I'm thinking of getting her a bicycle with training wheels with a parental push thing at the back.

But this afternoon, we have swimming. So I have a marvellous excuse to motor to school. So I motor.

Woke up at 5:30 this morning... which is far too early really. Half an hour before I set my alarm to wake up. Showered and got started on the Japanese dumplings when I heard someone scream from somewhere in the house.

It's fairly typical. Usually happens when I have a busy MOPS morning to get ready for. Someone is trying to murder someone for taking someone's blanket, stationery or toy. A non-life threatening situation turning into an all out brawl. Tempest in a teapot turned into titanic struggle.
It's time out and all is temporarily well within the four walls.
10 minutes later there's more whining.

But the whining is relegated to background noise and the rest is a blur because I'm busy frying and steaming the dumplings. Sometimes I am grateful for the cooker hood. Particularly when it's on the Double Fan mode.

When it's all done, the girls demand their share of the dumplings. Pleading their cause with persistent pestering. But I'm concerned there's not enough for the MOPS morning tea. I mollify them by promising them some later since we have a bit of marinated dead meat left pastry-less.

I stop by on the way home from MOPS at a local Asian greengrocer. I buy the pastry and a biggish sweet potato. I have plans for it. (rubs hands gleefully)
Must be sweet potato season... 1.99 a kilo.

Home from swimming and it is fried rice for dinner. Girls demand to know when dinner will be ready.
I am visited by the 4 year old who pops in and out of the kitchen like a jack-in-a-box. She inspects my kitchen with an expert eye and scrutinizes my treatment of dead things. It seems that I am not cooking fast enough for her liking.

It's 7. The evening repast has been partaken and I'm ready for bed. My mouth is still numb from the chilli sauce. Yum. So I crash on the bed and listen to stuff on my iPhone.

Still not asleep... trying not to sleep just yet... not ready... to... sleep...

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