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Monday, March 14, 2011

Missing Mum Moment


I had one of those "I want my mummy" moments today.
Generally I've been handling things pretty well but this arvo... one thought let to another... and then before one could see clearly, the sobbing started.
It's been almost 3 years, and while it doesn't happen often, the thought of not having mum around hasn't lost its sting. Never thought it would hit me this hard even with the passage of time.

Maybe it's just me... but I'd always assumed (presumptuously as it turned out) that mum would always be there. 62 going on to 63 can't be considered in this day and age to be the end of life.

I never really thought that the grieving process would be this protracted and sporadic. Fine one minute and teary the next. The journey's been unpredictable in how it's playing out.

Intellectually, I know that she's gone to a far, far better place where there's no suffering or tears. And then there's the hope that we'll meet again too. For that I am grateful.
But I can't deny that it's been rough when she'd been such an integral part of my life for 37 years. All that time, I'd never lived more than 12 km away from her. Plus... it was so much easier to juggle work and kids with her around to pick up the slack.
Sigh... feeling a tad selfish... pardon me...

It's just one of those days...


  1. I feel your pain. Strangely, I miss her too, even though my contact with her was considered short.

  2. She touched people wherever she went. And when she left us, she left a void behind.


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