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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Somedays I really hate Windows

Arrrrrrrrgh... I was busy doing internetty stuff and Windows decided it wants to do some updates at the most inopportune moment... thereby shutting down everything and instantly wiping out the typing I had done in Firefox.
Not too happy, I can tell you. Fortunately, it wasn't too difficult to redo whatever it was I was doing but what a waste of time. Duh.
For years and years I've heard techies bagging Windows... the husband (a Linux man) being one of them. While generally it's no biggie that Windows (especially XP) can be irritating, I've been tempted to go Mac lately. But the price of Macs never seem to be right when compared to PCs.
I'm due for an upgrade soon, methinks. The machine that I've been using is becoming increasingly unstable and overheated. Time to fob it off on to the kiddies, if  it doesn't explode first.

The fence outside our front yard is coming along nicely. I'm tempted to say... "let's leave it au naturel" but frankly speaking, it doesn't quite go with the look of our very humble abode. So I've been co-opted to do some painting. Should be fun. I vote for night time painting.

Our house is almost 20 years old so there's plenty of stuff that needs fixing. Not that we've lived in that spot for the entire time but over that period, things just go the way of the second law of thermodynamics.

Some of it is due to the fact that stuff was done on the cheap. (Someone didn't use properly treated wood) Some of it has to do with children hastening decay. Some of it, plain neglect. Mostly it's the weather that's the culprit.

There is much to love about the area I live in but I absolutely loathe the way traffic lights are placed and designed around here. We have great Asian restaurants, supermarkets and more coffee shops than we have bookshops in a single shopping centre. (Soon we'll have no bookshops at all.) But getting from here to there seems to be taking longer and longer every year. There are at least 6 lights to get through from our place to the nearest K-Mart which is about 3-4 km away. Gah.

Still, despite the hassles, I'm just glad I don't live in town.

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