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Saturday, March 5, 2011

They're Orrrrrgaaaanized

A sleepy kind of day. Greyish... wet... gloomy. So we create our own sadistic fun by making the kiddies do a major tidy up toys and books. The kind of tidy up that should happen every day but only really happens every few weeks. Or when the clutter becomes embarrassing. But today... today we surpass ourselves... today we are super organized in Chicken Run fashion. Not only are going to make things presentable and photograph all the containers, we have now added a picture gallery to be updated weekly!
(Well, we'll see how long that idea lasts)

 Phew... that was hard work. Well, we've only just begun... A kiss for luck and we're on our way

 A rogue gallery of current obsessions

 Why do it yourself when you have kids to do it for you?
I'm all for preparing them for adulthood.

 Those annoying, fiddly, hard to track Barbie accessories
 aren't worth the cardboard box they come in.

Organized Chaos. Long box. This one goes under the bed.

 Scattered to the winds normally. Under the tv, under the sofa, under arm chairs, under the bed. I have inkling of how shepherds must feel. Can't really be bothered counting them though

 At our place, Lego and Connectix are only good for propping up the dollies.

 Plenty of chewing, not a lot of tooling

 The mystery of the missing junk under the blackboard

 Doesn't get much airing at our place

 Not the most cooperative worker. At least she's not agitating for collective bargaining rights.

 More fiddly faddles. These items are to be used under strict supervision always.

 "Awwwww... mummy, I'm tired. I have a headache. Can I take a break?"

 Proof that miracles do happen

 More homespun miracles

 Something 9 year old could fall back on if she loses her day job

 4 year old gets full marks for enthusiasm.
Also has an unhealthy obsession with blue tack. Hasn't tried eating it yet though.

"Let's get organized."

The Urban Lily's Rules for Tidy Up:

1. Never do anything that you can get the kids to do. It's tempting, I know.
2. Sibling pressure is occasionally more effective than parental ones. Unless of course they break out into full blown fights, then of course, you must intervene. (No matter how tempted to you are to break out the popcorn.)
3. When giving instructions, be clear... be very, very clear. Even the most intelligent child can suddenly develop a bad case of bureaucratic incompetence... not knowing their left hand from the their right.  Simple prepositions like "under" or "in" mysteriously turn into technical jargon under the pressure to do chores.
4. Speak a little more loudly than usual and look them in the eye because children, faced with the prospect of work, can suddenly be struck by deafness.
5. Be sure that the kiddies have heard the instructions. Ask them to repeat the instructions to you (verbatim, if possible) until they get it exactly right.
6. Allow them one toilet breaks in 1 hour and tell yourself that all this hardwork is good for character building
7. Bribery Incentives of some kind can help make the whole exercsie a lot less arduous.
8. Blindfold them while they're putting books away.
9. Mum... go and have a nap. Supervising tidy up is exhausting stuff.
10. Repeat 1-9 for the sequel

Edited: 6 March 2011, 9:25am

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