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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Humour: Royal Weaving

Like millions of others, I got suckered into the hype of watching the royal wedding last night. I have no particular fondness for the British royals (the Queen excepted) or aversion but I have a perverse pleasure in seeing what a no-expenses-spared clothing budget can bring forth on these glitzy occasions. As usual, there's plenty to mock.

Princess Beatrice's hat was a standout... oh golly... was that antler-look really such a great idea? She's such a pretty girl too to waste her face on a hat like that. Can it even be considered a hat? Seems to sort of stick on her forehead like an over-sized rattle.

Victoria Beckham's blue number was another odd looking head slapper. Was that a vine in search of a trellis hanging off it? I am getting a Morticia Addams vibe from the entire look. The dress looks like a badly cut choir robe.

I'd never heard of Tara Palmer until today. But by George, she definitely looked like she stepped out of The Fifth Element. Chris Tucker... eat ya heart out man! And that hat... eeuw...looks like an origami boat misapplied.

 (Credit: Fashion Style )

And Camilla... Duchess of Cornwall... Her hat... gives new meaning to shrunken heads.

What's with the travelling lampshade, your highness?

(Credit: UK Telegraph )

Cockadoodle doo... my dame has lost her shoe... and something else too.

(Credit: UK Telegraph )

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