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Saturday, April 30, 2011

I love my TV conspiracies

Spooks is one of those guilty pleasures of mine that I indulge in irregular doses. I can't take it seriously but it does get the old ticker going at sonic speed. It's a mishmash of James Bond, 24 and Days of Our Lives on steroids.
I have a love-hate relationship with the show mainly because it seems to take inordinate pleasure in killing main characters off in spectacular fashion. Or they disappear into the volatile world of espionage. Apparently that makes the show more realistic... but honestly... "realistic" is the last adjective one would use about that show. And then seemingly smart people end up doing the most stupid things... well... okay, that's probably fairly realistic.
Golly, the number of conspiracies that the showrunners have hatched over the years... and then there's the characters -- good guys turning into bad guys, for love, ideals and money. They must be doing something right, creatively anyway, to keep it going after almost a decade.
Conspiracies are fun... but what's more fun is to see how long they can keep it up. Yeah, I've been watching Spooks... loving the mysteries and hating the way Richard Armitage's character has been turned into a double-crossing, traitorous, lovesick moron. Ugh...

I don't generally believe in large-scale Dan Brown type conspiracies. It takes far too many people, far too many resources to make it work for any decent period of time. Besides, sooner or later, somebody will talk.
The only reasons people like the idea of conspiracies is because it touches something pretty deep within human nature... to find an all-embracing reason for the inexplicable.
No doubt collusion occurs on some level where common interests intersect ie. Global warming concensus but that it's now falling apart bit by bit goes to show that these sorts of things go through fashions.

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