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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's Time to Play the Music, It's Time to Light the Lights...

My nieces and nephews came over tonight to celebrate G-Pa (Grandpa)'s homecoming. What is it about the younger generation and abbreviations? Is life one long text message now...

It's always a little (just a leedle) noisy but the funny thing about growing up as a parent is that you get used to it. Not completely but enough to know when the noise transforms from gleeful play to WW3.
Noise is an inevitable part of childhood when there's more than one child playing in a single confined space.

So as usual my 7 year old niece decides she wants to put on a show. A puppet show... apparently. Spur of the moment. Doesn't believe in rehearsals apparently. Very impromptu.
A plot is hatched (no surprises there), someone raids my printer for clean sheets and then there's pen and paper scratches, followed by frenzied cutting and gluing.
The adults are yabbering away somewhere else... well, as long as they're not setting the place on fire or bashing each other to a pulp... nobody seems to mind.

So we eat... we talk...
Children eat, talk, play, run...  and bang on the piano.They multi-task frenetically much to mum and dad's chagrin.

Then they sell tickets to the puppet show. I look at the word "pupet" and I'm tempted to say something about the spelling but I don't.  Old habits die hard. Well, it's part of my limited skill set and I'm always tempted to brag.

The rabble announce the "pupet" show and take refuge behind the couch. Miniscule images drawn a bit of scrap paper emerge and jiggle around. They're hard to see. One of them is called Yoshi, another Kooper Trooper and another Mario.
Detect a pattern yet?
Ok... so we like our Nintendo characters.

There's shouting and theatrics. Not quite Broadway, mind you but what is lacking in script development is made up for in enthusiasm. Oh yeah... the room quakes with enthusiasm.

They take a bow. The adults, partly relieved, partly amused... applaud... also enthusiastically.

Until the next visit...
Maybe they'll sew their own puppets next time.

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