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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Can I Please Have A Toy-Free Zone in My House?

You know what they say about cleaning... it's like the ocean... never turn your back on it. It has a way of getting out of hand.

I have a confession to make.
I hate toys... I know, I know... it's a necessary evil. Keeps the kiddies occupied except that it often ends up being the root of other evils.
Earlier on I was under the misguided impression that children are territorial. But toys appear to be exempt from such meaningless boundaries such as rooms and designated play areas.
Which goes some way in explaining why a toy hair dryer keeps popping up in my kitchen.

We have coloured wooden blocks of varying shapes but they're never used as building blocks. They end up being scattered all over the house and occasionally make an appearance in purses and handbags.
Privacy is evidently an adult concept... and not sacrosanct where children are concerned.

Our study... supposedly mum and dad's final refuge... the master bedroom has been a lost cause a long time ago... is home to a litter of toys that hangs around like a bad smell.

You know... those cheap, fairly useless plastic toys from the fast food places are at the end of the day... clutter. They seem to show up everywhere like Gremlins who take a bath. After a while, when the kiddies forget about them, they get the flick. I doubt even the op-shops would have any use for those.

10 year old has taken to collecting Gomu... If you haven't already been an unwitting partaker of this mania, they are rubbers that resemble iPods, mobile phones, lava lamps, lipsticks, thongs and other misc representations of cuteness . Since I've threatened to start my own collection with her strays, she's kept them pretty much to herself. You realise, of course, nobody actually uses these things... it's entirely a bragfest and for "trading purposes".
The Smiggle phase lasted about a year and a bit... wonder how long this particular one will go for.

Better go now and inspect the damage that's been done since I've been sitting here.

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