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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kids and Parties

Last Saturday, we threw a party for the 10 year old at the local pool. Yeah... she's officially 10! Frightening prospect for her poor parents to have to think about when those young 'uns reach the double digits.

Anyway, we don't do parties every year... and we've decided to confine ourselves to milestones. Otherwise it gets a bit much.
Organizing a party is okay. It's hard work, not exactly fun for mum and dad but the logistical side of things is the least of our problems.
The hardest thing about a birthday party can be about keeping the peace between different factions. There's the friends from school contingency, friends from church, and then there are the cousins. Everyone wants a piece of the birthday girl on her special day. The take-charge types wants her to do this, that and the other thing.... NOW.
Kids... well... are kids... and not terribly considerate. 10 year old is the soft-hearted type and would rather everybody hold hands and sing kumbaya.

Sitting in the car on the way home, we ask the 10 year old what happened that caused her to dissolve into tears at one point. A few of the others had had their say. Apparently somebody wanted to do this, and then somebody else wanted to do another thing. She was a bit torn, I think.

So I said:
"Next time, you should say... We'll take it in turns. For the first 10 minutes we'll do such and such and then afterwards we will do this."
10 year old lets off a big sigh. "Why didn't I think of that? Parents know everything. Mum you have such good ideas."

So I grinned but modestly said... "Well, not everything... But more."
The husband piped in, "The operative word is 'mum'."

Can't wait till she reaches her teens and then she'll think that we know nothing.

I'm glad her next party isn't until she's sixteen. ;-) Or eighteen... Better still, when she's twenty-one.

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