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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hey, It's My Kitchen

Some of us are control freaks... and we know it. It's not all bad because generally we organize everyone else whether they want us to or whether we even realize that we're doing it. Really, we're automotons. We see a logistical problem and our inner freak compels us to solve it.

I don't know what your inner freak is like... but mine freaks out when ankle biters loiter around the kitchen, raids the pantry or want to adjust the recipe for the fun for it.

Control freaks should probably avoid having baking days with the kiddies but I thought as part of my rehabilitation/therapy, I would try and ease up somewhat. Loads of my friends and acquaintances do cooking with their little ones and live to tell the tale so how bad can it be, right?
Well, that answer varies... depending on the age and personality of the child.

I really, really didn't feel much like going to the park yesterday morning. The wind... the chill and the restless child. Outdoors... yeeech... I've just recovered from a headcold! So I thought... "baking, yeah... haven't done that for a while... Good way to keep the 4 year old occupied."
Sort of.
(Incidentally, as a bonus I've discovered it's a productive way to keep warm)

4 year old was totally on board with the whole thing. Except of course, she wants to do everything I do. Taking charge of the rolling pin wasn't enough for her. At one stage, I think we had a tug-of-war over the mixing bowl.
Yeah, she's a control freak in the making. However did that happen?

Plus 4 year old is the type that doesn't care to observe and wait for instructions. She's brimming with initiative and she has to do something... anything... even if it means opening the oven while the biscuits are cooking when mum's back is turned for a millisecond, rummaging the pantry .
So mum's inner freak... freaks... aaaaaaaargh...
"Do you want to get burnt?"
"It's hot."
"I want to see."
"There's nothing to see. Anyway, it's not good to open the oven door before it's ready."

So she was shooed out of the kitchen and then sent to her room for further contemplation.
At this point, I totally embraced my inner freak.

Last night at my fortnightly Bible Study, a member of th group asked for prayer, concerned about her motherly forgetfulness. Our study leader said that something that's pertinent here... and that is, we all live by the grace of God. There are a myriad of things that can happen and some times they do. It directed me once again to remember the importance of prayer at the start of each day for the protection of my children.

In my feeble attempts to control my environment, I must come to the conclusion that I can take every precaution but at the end of the day I cannot make bad stuff go away at will . All I do is cast all my cares on He who knows all things and is truly in control over all things. The inner freak must give way to the inner promptings of the indwelling Spirit.


  1. I'm hearing you, Lilian. Loud and clear. I'm not so much a control freak, but I do like things to be done properly and with as little mess as possible. I'm learning to let them help and just deal with it too. I'm learning that if a mess is made, well, big deal, it can be cleaned up. None of it's a big deal really, but it is to them and they're the ones that count.
    Top marks to you for letting Miss 4 help you with the baking. Bet she had so much fun doing it!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Ky.
    Yeah, it pains me to see the mess but I'm learning to take thing easy.


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