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Saturday, July 2, 2011

4 year old sums up Kung-Fu Panda 2

"Did you like the movie?"
Nods her head... "Yes."
"What was it about?"
Gives a blank look... "I don't know."
Mummy thinks... Okay, that question was probably a little abstract. Start again. "What animals did you see in the movie?"
"I saw a bird... "
"What kind of bird?"
The 10 year old pipes in. "She means the peacock."
"Don't interrupt. Any other animals?"
"Another bird (crane)... a panda,"
"What else did you see?"
"A snake... and a tiger... And a baby panda."
"There was a baby panda?"
"He was in a basket because his mummy put him into the basket."
"Why did his mummy put him in the basket?"
"She put him in the basket and ran away..."

There you have it... Kung-Fu Panda 2 in less than 50 words. Pretty revealing stuff.

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