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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Children, They Ask

Just the other day, we were on our way to playgroup and the 4 year old at the back of the car noticed a bicycle atop a little hatchback. She asked, "Why is there a bicycle on the car, mum?"
I wondered... Is she asking me an epistemological question? Or an ontological question? An aesthetic question?
Does she really want to know why? Does she find it aesthetically displeasing -- the oddity of the bicycle on another vehicle jarring? Or perhaps she's looking for a scientific explanation... of how the bicycle can physically stay on top of a car without falling off...
So I give the shortcut mummy answer, "The person driving the car wants to take their bicycle somewhere far away so this is the best way. So they don't have to ride their bicycle a long, long way."
She seemed satisfied with the answer.
Or maybe she was delighted to get any answer.

Earlier in the evening, the husband tells the 4 year old that it's time for a shower and so she asks,
"Why do I have to go first?"
I wonder to myself... Is she:
a) trying to stall for time
b) protesting injustice
c) thinking that her status in the family has been elevated

So I give the shortcut mummy answer, "Because Daddy asked you to."

Oddly enough she seemed happy with the answer.

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