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"Consider how the lilies grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these." Luke 12:27 (NIV)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

This Mum Needs Grace

Gasp... wheeze... puff...
This mum is need of grace... and exercise, no doubt. A little exertion and I'm undone.
It's back to swimming next week methinks.

Sadly, there is no end to housework... and by golly, I miss my childhood every time I look at my "To Do" list, reminiscing over a time when we lived in a multigenerational household with grandma, cousins and aunty where labour was lightened and divided through job sharing.

Yesterday, I unofficially designated Wednesday as "Clean-Up with 4 year old" Day. Since there's no chance of any rest for either of us in the afternoons after MOPS, I decided that it's a good opportunity to get some cleaning done in the children's bedroom. I tried unsuccessfully to turn it into a game as the entire activity progressed at snail's pace. Kids, perhaps universally, demonstrate their disapproval for housework by dragging their feet. Yeah, so there was plenty of feet dragging. But at least we made some noticeable difference under the bed and on the floor.,

I was super tired yesterday, yawning incessantly on my way home from MOPS. Don't know why though when I slept unusually well. Got up... felt reasonably energetic, roused the troops and started making dumplings for MOPS. I think that's when things began to unravel and go a bit haywire because I underestimated the time I needed to boil the dumplings, get the children out of the door and pick our new volunteer carer up before whizzing to church. It slipped my overcrowded mind that I had to plod through some bad peak hour traffic. And as it turned out, I had to stop at every single traffic light on my way to MOPS. Gah... and in some cases for two light changes.
While I was waiting at the train crossing for the light to change, I remembered to my chagrin that I had forgotten to pick up the Term Schedules on my way out.
Not happy.

The yawning was merciless in the afternoon. Did the school pick up, took 4 year old to swimming and then did a pretty meagre dinner of bangers and mash. Really had no idea if I could get the Bible Study... I was so tired.

But I did get there... and was glad I did. Still tired though but came home really enthused about life and studying God's word.

Our Bible Study leader wants us to start journalling as we do our daily readings. Not sure if I'm going to be able to journal and blog. I had a bit of chuckle today when reading Ecclesiastes 7 and Solomon whines about only finding one good man in a thousand and not finding any decent woman at all. My first thought was: That's what happens when you have a harem of a thousand, brother!
Okay... I'm being facetious... but only a little. Sucha hard life, Solomon! You poor, poor man.
: D

I'm past the half way mark now on the Bonhoeffer biography. Been listening to it while doing the housework. The husband, who read it before I did, said that Bonhoeffer had an upbringing not unlike the von Trapp family.

Bio is well-written, engaging, full of facts that I hadn't heard hitherto about Germany in the 1930s. Didn't realize there had been so many internal plots to do away with Hitler. It's been quite an education. In many ways, Bonhoeffer was a big picture man and was way ahead of everyone in how he saw the Nazis, the Jewish Question and where the German church was headed. It's a great read.

My beautiful glistening floor... sob... that I just cleaned earlier today. I just spotted a couple of black streaks. Sob.
Cleaning is so depressing.

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