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Friday, August 5, 2011

I Sit, Drink Tea and Watch Them Play

Those indoor play centres must be one of the business world's great gifts to mothers. I won't name names... no one's paying me for endorsements or giving me freebies to say this. Therefore, I'm saying it with undeniable conviction. Very heartfelt, I assure you.
Sure it's not free... (I did say "business") but at the end of the two or three hours, I always feel that it is money well-spent. Especially with coupons.
I'm not saying that I would go to one everyday... although if I were married to a fellow pulling an income in the realm of six or seven figures I might be tempted to do so. It's gotta be cheaper than hiring a nanny.
But really, I don't need to do this everyday.

I think of it as a mummy perk.
As a stay-at-home mum, the labour I contribute as a domestic engineer to Husband and Kids Inc., according to the feminist eggheads, is unpaid.
Yeah, but they're missing the point though. What other job in the world would allow a woman to sip tea and read at a cafe in safe environment for children to run riot in?
Not too many, I would imagine. And yes, it was a rhetorical question.

Mothering is undoubtedly a labour of love but even I will admit that with some planning and thought, there are benefits to be had.

I love the free market.... while we still have it.

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  1. I agree - They are definitely God sent - And the coffee and the magazine (and the play equipment) all work magic together...


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