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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

In and Out of Hospital

Dear Friend and Blog Reader

If you've been on Facebook or talking to someone in the know, you'll be aware that I've been in and out of hospital this past weekend.
Frankly I'm glad to be back home where I'll be catching up on sleep. Hospitals are noisy, brightly-lit places, not conducive to having proper rest. Aside from that, one gets poked, prodded and jabbed at regular intervals which isn't my idea of a good time. I spent the entire weekend attached to a drip pole, with which I tangoed and tangled.

Nonetheless, on hindsight, I am glad that I did present myself at the Emergency ward at the QE 2 hospital on Saturday evening. By that time I was badly anaemic and was feeling dizzy and nauseous. I had been bleeding profusely (private women's business) and had apparently lost more blood than was good for me.

At about 3 on Sunday morning, the decision was made that I should have a blood transfusion as my red blood cell count was around 54 which was considered dangerously low by the medicos.
The first lot of transfusion given took to me to a RBC of about 65 which was better than it had been but not good enough to go home with.
Last evening I was meant to have another 2 units but stopped after the first bag, as I started, oddly enough, to have an allergic, hay-fever like, reaction. Fortunately, in spite of the drama, I managed to attain a better than pass mark of 81.

To cut through all the scientific mumbo jumbo, the bottom line is that I will need surgery (hysterectomy) in a month's time. Ordinarily that kind of surgery isn't a big deal but because my red blood cell count has been so low I will need to build it up between now and the surgery.

I'm currently on iron supplements and bleeding suppressing drugs. My hysterectomy is scheduled for the 30 September which is about month's time.
I am asking for prayer because the blood count thing is crucial for this to happen.

Last Thursday, a goodly number from my church went to hear John Piper preach about the unwasted life. Ironically, the bleeding took a turn for the worst on that evening. But even more amazing was how relevant Piper's words became to my situation. I thought a lot about them as I heard the medicos speaking in low tones in triage in rhythm with the beeping of the heart monitor. Utterly weary that night, I thanked God for his mercy... that I got to hospital at just the right time.
Piper reminded us with characteristic sobriety and passion that night about how fragile life is... I was reminded of it all too poignantly in a real life situation. More importantly Piper reminded us that the unwasted life, in the good times and the bad, is the life that brings glory to God.

I am writing this to ask for prayer in the following areas:
  1. That the bleeding will stop without the need for such a high dosage of drugs
  2. I will be going in for a blood test next week and hopefully that will show a good result
  3. The red blood cell count will reach the hundred mark or more
  4. That my health will be good generally between now and the surgery.
  5. That the surgery will progress smoothly with no long term dramas.

Thanks for taking the time to read... I'm counting on you to back me up...

God bless



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