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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's Official... We're a Pet Owning Family

Speaking of keeping chimps as house pets, it sort of occurred to me that I haven't talked about this latest development in our mundane suburban life.
Yup, we have now joined the ranks of hundreds and thousands of households across the land to become pet owners.
No, we haven't adopted chimpanzees... can't imagine that's legal in any country or practical. Unless, of course you're Michael Jackson. And then you're above the law... apparently.

So we have ourselves some chicks which we brought home from kindy. I've managed to resist the clamour for years but now that the young 'uns look like they might be able to take some responsibility in this department, the husband and I thought, well, why not? And the thought of getting fresh eggs daily is very attractive...
Well, there's no guarantee as yet that we will.
It will be a day of weeping here when one or more them turn out to be roosters. If all three turn out to be roosters, ah... chickies... it's been nice knowing you. (Yeah, it will be a tragedy quite possibly of Shakespearean proportions)

Meanwhile, we wait... and watch with baited breath.
They're becoming bigger everyday. Soon the box they're pecking around in will become too small. If it isn't all ready.

Everyday the 10 year old comes home from school and ask, "Are they still alive?"

The black one's Silky, the yellow one's Goldie and the brownish one I named Foghorn. 10 year old now wants to call the black one Midnight.
Children... sigh...
Ah well, we'll see.

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