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Friday, September 23, 2011

Sounds from a Suburban Shopping Centre

What do you do when you eat out and the result is not entirely to your satisfaction? Do you:

1) Spit the dummy and pontificate about your rights as a consumer within hearing of all the customers
2) Approach the staff and/or management and ask politely for a refund or another serving
3) Go quietly and swear never to come back again. And tell all your friends and rellies never to step foot in that place if they can help it.
4) Provide constructive criticism
5) Other

Depending on how dreadful the service or product was, I'm usually a 3 person. I may do 4 if asked. Occasionally 2.
Personally eating anywhere for the first time has some degree of risk... like watching movies you don't know anything about. Unless you get food poisoning or are paying $30 a head, I don't see the point of kicking up too much of a stink about it.

There's this insanely popular ramen place near our place and the queuing starts pretty early. Yesterday was my first visit there and we planned to do take away due to time constraints. So we sat around and waited for our order.
It's really odd when you think about it... quite likely because my standard of quality control is pretty low... that someone would create such a big fuss about the soup not being hot enough to threaten to call the cops. In all my years of eating out with frugal relatives, that was new even for me.
Talk about persistent... plenty of back and forth and microwave heating was a big "no, no..." apparently.
The waiter who was dealing with the loud, belligerent patron had this perpetually confused look on his face, unsure of what rock this customer had just emerged out of.

I was frankly quite embarrassed for everyone... I mean, really, a $14 bowl of noodle soup? Is it really necessary invoke the Australian constitution over it?

Expectations are a funny thing.

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