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Sunday, September 11, 2011


I woke up this morning unable to find my glasses in the usual places. I don't remember if it's because I fell asleep with them on or whether I took them off and put them on top of my princess-and-the-pea type arrangement of blankets and doonas.
Groping around is a good interim measure but not for more detailed activities. I can read (more or less) without them but I couldn't do much else without them. In a few years I expect I will be graduating to graduated lenses, going the way of my parents.

Not wanting to turn this into a mid-life lament, I will say that aging is not normally something that occupies my headspace despite health issues. When lethargy grips, I blame it on stress, a lack of exercise or lack of sleep, though not necessarily in that order. Who thinks about aging when the kiddies are still so young?

But when one hits 40, it seems that the moving parts start to break down. Espeically those bits and pieces that's tucked away under the skin and we're happy to have them that way.
The husband, who was diagnosed with an infected food, was half joking the other day that we've both hit the magic number. Such a sorry pair we were.

In a few weeks, all being well, I will be having surgery.  It'll be my first.
How do I feel? I'm not sure. A part of me wishes it was all over, a part of me knows I have to do this and a tiny part of me is a tad jittery when I look at all the pre-admission paperwork.

We are such frail creatures.

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  1. Did u type without your specs on? Randall has an infected 'food'? :) I know what you mean when aging seems like a far-away thought. I've been thinking abt it ever since I gave birth! Never used to need to sleep so much, but I gues babies and age don't go hand-on-hand. Hope you're better today!


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