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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Back to Real Life

I'm having a little trouble getting back into routine after convalescing for several weeks.
It's a lot like going on holidays for an extended period of time and having not such a bad time and then trying to get back into the grind of everyday stuff.

It's a bit like how I used to wonder about the companions on classic Who. For the uninitiated, Classic Who generally refers to the Doctor Who universe before Christopher Ecclestone.
Classic Who seldom... almost never really... revisited former companions. Watching the show transitioning from one companion to the next, I often wondered what happened to Barbara, Ian, Susan, Tegan, Romana, Sarah Jane, Alyssa, Leela etc etc

Susan and SJ came back in The Five Doctors but with no or litle reference to their current reality. Time travel can be confusing with all the time streams and odd planets but still...
How did these people cope with living in the humdrum of earth reality while having memories of travelling the galaxy and back in time with an eccentric Time Lord? And you couldn't tell anyone about it unless you wanted a one way ticket to Bedlam or its equivalent.

When we have kids, we are obliged to deal with reality head on a daily basis so that they have clean clothes to wear and food on the table. And in the case of the 10 year old, a bit of "encouragement" with homework. Contrary to what a physio once told me, they can't be left to their own devices. I shudder to think what would happen if they were.

4 year old came in this morning clockwork to remind me of her existence as she does every morning. It's a ritual she calls: "Mummy-I-Want-To-Say-Good-Morning".
That's after she's wandered into the kitchen looking for something to eat. She has a priorities all worked out, you see. After all, you can't say "good morning" on an empty stomach.
Despite all their propensity for make belief, children are fundamentally realists... when they're hungry, they're hungry. There's no fantasy that's going to convince them otherwise.

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  1. I often find my boys are oblivious to the feeling most of us call hunger. They get grumpy, rowdy, restless, etc etc. but almost never realise that it is hunger that is nagging them. Guys!


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