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Friday, October 28, 2011

Chicken Coop

Our verandah has become a serious embarrassment to any notion of civilization. Not that it was great before but since we brought in the chickens, it's given us new notions of "OCCUPY".
Their ability to perform ablutions with rapidity and without discretion never ceases to amaze me. Please somebody invent a chook nappy... please...
Hence I'm chuffed that we finally have ourselves a chicken coop custom made by my incredibly talented father-in-law.

 Front View

 Nesting Box

Nesting Box
 Interior with perches


 Checking it out...

The Headless Chook Exits

Entry to the nesting box

Whether all three are hens... is still in doubt.

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  1. There's actually chook nappies for sale, if you're interested! :)

    The coop looks posh! Just watch out for mites in the wet and humid summer. We had an infestation of them last year and had to get some mite powder to kill them. Hope to change to a steel coop when we have more $$!


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