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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Ideal Man

Speaking of fantasy vs reality, I am reminded of a Japanese drama I watched a couple of weeks ago about an office temp, quite desperate and dateless, in search of the perfect boyfriend. She tumbles onto a mysterious corporation that claims to provide women with their ideal boyfriend, most likely thinking it's some kind of dating service. As it turns out, the company manufactures androids and one of their leading scientists has created the first of what is to become a series of artificial boyfriends.
It's a great premise... reminded me of the Jeff Bridges classic, Starman. Starts off being rather light-hearted but ends up being a melodrama.

While I enjoyed the show for what it was, I never for one moment seriously entertained the idea that an artificial life form and a human being could end up having a life together. Okay, so he's evolved, he's now developed an ego and he utters "I love you" at least once every episode. He was, afterall programmed to be her ideal boyfriend.

Because I watched this online, it was fascinating to actually see the viewer feedback. I was surprised and not a little disturbed to see that the overwhelming majority of commenters so thoroughly immersed in the fantasy that they bought the viability of the relationship completely. Someone even suggested that the couple of in question could adopt. And here was I thinking that the story was some kind of parable about where sentient life began and ended.
I scratched my head rather befuddled. It was a moment of cognitive dissonance for me.

Later I was reminded of persons who were wallowing in the doldrums after watching James Cameron's Avatar because (surprise, surprise) the paradise he created didn't actually exist. Apparently they were hankering for a trip to Navi Land.

Everyone, I suppose, goes through phases in life where a bit escapism is probably fairly harmless.

But the perfect man? Purlease... Haven't met him yet. Unless we mean Jesus... and that's another story altogether.

In the end, I don't even think robot boyfriend from our drama in question was really that perfect. He ran on batteries and was overheating faster than my previous laptop.

The female protagonist gradually falls in love with a fantasy who seems able to meet all her needs except what she craves the most -- permanence.
As with these things, there's "another" guy. He's not perfect but he is human and in his own fashion, he's devoted to her welfare and future. Many would deem him highly eligible. She likes him too at first but as the fantasy gradually takes over her life, the reality is pushed to the periphery.

In the end the fantasty must die before reality can be restored.

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