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Friday, October 28, 2011

The Printer Goes to Hospital (Finally!)

While I'm normally rabidly anti-superstitious, I'm not sure what it is about me and printers the last couple of years. It's been Dudsville for me. The Epson I got the year before last was a nice machine though violently noisy. The results were good but the printing action was terrifying to watch. 4 year old got it into her head at the time that it would be fun to add pieces of chalk to the paper feeder which was unsurprisingly, its death knell. It led to, in short, a quick, painful death. And well, it was also out of warranty...

Printer #2 was a basic wireless black only laser that we procured from a certain supermarket chain. It was adequate for our needs during the life of the first toner cartridge. When I went to get it refilled...  it was all downhill from then on. These days each printed sheet looks like a particularly bad case of chicken pox. Because I am cheap, I will continue using it until the toner runs dry and get the drum replaced.

Printer #3 was colour laser that I purchased from a large stationery chain which shall remain nameless. Although working terrifically well for a time, I soon discovered that it was suffering printer xenophobia, adamantly refusing to print black. Which in effect rendered the thing useless. Rang the manufacturer, had tech support take me through a series of tests and was asked to go to a service centre 25 minutes from where I live. Thing was, I... er... misplaced the proof of purchase... and well... so much for taking it in. I tried ringing the stationery chain on the off chance they kept records but no... apparently they didn't keep records for more than six months which I thought was bizarre.
As it was my own stupid fault, I didn't press the issue and so Printer #3 sat in the living area like a white elephant collecting dead human skin and other misc particles.

While convalescing the last couple of months, I chanced upon the receipt in an old wallet while going through a drawer filled with junk. I rejoiced noisily, relieved that I hadn't been as moronic as I thought I had been.
Today we finally got our act together and took off to the 25-minute-away-from-home service centre. When we got to where we thought we were supposed to be,  er... there was no service centre for XYZ international electronics company just an engineering firm. Hmmm... interesting...
So I ask the guy working next door. He doesn't know anything -- only been working there for 2 weeks. Later (probably after talking to his boss) he tells us that there was a service centre there 4 months ago but they moved.
By this time 4 year old is clamouring loudly to go to playgroup. Can't entirely blame her. The whole excursion seems to be taking a complicated turn.
So we ring the manufacturer... we wait for 7 plus minutes before talking to a customer service officer, definitely not locally based. I get pushed to another department and then another. After talking a few minutes, we lose connection. Sigh... So we ring again... this time we get speedy service.
CSO tells me that there are 3 service centres in my area... (really... why didn't someone tell me that before?) and the nearest one is actually about 15 minutes away. Before hanging up, I tell the CSO as kindly as I can muster that they really need to update their database because well... they're 4 months behind.

This afternoon we took ourselves off to the nearest service centre after picking up 10 year old from school. It was a relief... I tell ya... a relief. We might actually have a COLOUR printer to use for MOPS and school next year.

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