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Friday, November 4, 2011

Hot and Bothered

Today was veg out day. Aside from going to the physio, I did almost nothing except listen to a couple of podcasts and finished the Bonhoeffer audio book. Finally. After months of starting and stopping. A very good book by the way, definitely well-written but more on that another time.
'Twas a hot day... not the January kind of hot day but enough to make a difference. In fact, I'm still feeling the heat in spite of having the fan on. The heat I don't mind so much but this yo-yo weather makes it hard to dress or cover properly.

Physio... my second visit in 7 days. I developed what I thought were foot and leg troubles about a week and a half ago (as if I didn't have enough to think about). As it turns out, after a little more poking and prodding, it's lower back issues squashing a crucial nerve that's the culprit. Dear man... he was trying his best to chastise me as kindly as possible to "listen to your body".

This is turning into a bad comedy. Too much sitting is bad, slumping in bed is terrible and too much walking is also bad for post-surgical healing.

I'm feeling all kinds of guilty having had to pull back. I know it's necessary yadda yadda but it goes against the grain to have a two month do-nothing holiday.

Time for bed, methinks.

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