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Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday with Books

Big weekend. Phew. Was exhausted by the end of it. But it was all good stuff and we managed to snatch naps in between things.
The wedding ceremony was short and sweet, which was fine by everyone probably. Not the shortest I've ever been to but a lot shorter than a previous wedding I went to where the groom basically jumped from aisle to the stage to the piano and back onto the stage. As my memory isn't terribly reliable, it's likely not in that order. But he is probably the busiest groom I've ever seen.

Today was a lazy sort of day aside from a visit to the physio. No chastisement today... in fact he was impressed that I managed to squeeze in the prescribed exercises in spite of my busy schedule.

Spent a big part of the morning watching clips from Britain's Got Talent 2011 which sort of happened from me watching Michael Buble belt out "Feeling Good" in a James Bond homage which in turn came about because I heard a really odd rendition elsewhere. So odd that I almost didn't recognize it until the refrain. Buble sings it with a jazzy swagger which is how I like it. To me, it's one of those deceptively simple songs that really shouldn't be overdone.

After lunch, I taught 4 year old to read from the Ladybird Keywords "Peter and Jane" series while lying in bed. I really needed to be flat on my back and 4 year old needed to be kept out of trouble. So we started with fairytale type Ladybird books and then tackled Peter and Jane, who seem to be very busy kiddies.
Why Peter and Jane? I'm a traditionalist about how kids learn how to read and I like the old stuff. For me, it's all about repetition and drilling in those early years. Plus the series is graded, which gives you a good idea of where the children are at. And there's also the fact that I'm rather allergic to merchandised books.

Made dinner tonight -- Japanese curry out of a packet and then did most of the dishes. By the end of that I was leg weary. Husband took 10 year old to one of her regular Monday night extra-curricular activities so I offered to do them because, for some reason he hasn't been sleeping all that well and sounds it.

Like the spoonful of sugar which makes the medicine go down, I put on a new audio book, The House of Silk to get me through the dishes. It's a boon for Sherlock Holmes fans to have Anthony Horowitz write the first officially sanctioned SH novel in a hundred and forty something years. As expected, it is very well-written, he nails Watson and Holmes and the attention to detail warms the cockles of my heart. I'm loving it.

Delivery from my favourite online book store arrived today. Quite surprised that they all came together in one hit. Usually they come in drips and drabs... Can't complain really... free shipping and all that. In and amongst the order was The Story of Doctor Dolittle and The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle.
To my delight, I found reprints of the Doctor Dolittle series on the aforementioned site. Hadn't touched anything Dolittle since I was a whippersnapper but had no idea that there were that many -- 12 in all. I still have memories of a technicolour picture book with the pullme-pushyou as the featured animal on the cover. These days most of which are probably out of print or unavailable at bookshops. Anyway I procured a couple for 10 year old, in preparation for the upcoming festive season but I'm doing my parental duty by inspecting the contents of the book before placing it her impressionable hands.

I could talk about books all day long but I really need to get out of this chair. Apparently too much sitting can be a health hazard.

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