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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Park Theme

Our excursion to Dreamworld today was cut short when 10 year old complained of feeling weak and queasy. We have season passes and since we didn't use them most of the year (one thing after another), I felt obliged to maximise our investment before those things expired. So it's a frantic effort to get it all done in a week.
After downing half a bottle of water and half a sandwich, she said she felt better. But I thought it best that we leave as soon as possible, at least before the sandwich made a second appearance accompanied by stomach acids.
We happen to walk past the animal enclosures... 10 year old then said she wanted to see the animals. So we looked at the animals.
Because of this diversion, we discovered a new ride -- driving vintage car round a designated circuit. It was, in my opinion, quite fun actually. Compared to the stroke inducing attractions that make up the place, this was very tame. Almost like having a quiet drive in the countryside. Except this one lasted about 3 minutes.

It occurred to me then that Dreamworld is an all encompassing sort of place. It tries to cater to all sorts while fulfilling the fantasies of bored adrenalin junkies. A combination of kitschy reconstruction of nostalgia and temporary visceral illusion of high excitement and adventure.
A place of escape... a place that doesn't really exist. One can pay for the privilege of gaining access.
And now one can prolong the privilege with unlimited passes.

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