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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Troy (2004)

I will start by saying that I didn't pick the DVD. I had heard mixed things about this film from various sources which put me off bothering with it when it came out. Plus the fact I'm no fan of the Illiad (threw the book on the floor a few times), whose dramatis personae seems to be cluttered up with unlikeable characters.
However, the husband brought it home and thought it might be something worth watching. Okay... I says... how bad can it be...

Whoever thought that putting Brad Pitt in a classical Greek tale was a good idea had rocks in their head.
Not that I think Pitt is a bad actor but in this particular setting, he appears to me, at least. to be totally out of his depth. While I didn't find Archilles all that appealing in the Illiad, in Pitt's hands, Archilles is as dull as dishwater. Pitt fails to convey the eloquence or the charisma of the intransigent Greek hero.
This is why, on a normal day, films about classical characters are generally populated by British actors who are able to convey that larger than life quality possibly from spending time doing Shakespeare at some point in their careers.
Brad Pitt's Archilles is, in short, an expressionless whiny brat.
I had the same allergic reaction to Sam Worthington in the Clash of the Titans remake.

The film is not all bad. There are good actors in it who do their best with the material they've been given. But it's no Cecile B. DeMilne epic. DeMilne was at least energetic in his direction. This one felt rather limp, cheesy and cheap.
The feel is one of a B-movie with a surprising number of A-list actors.

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