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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Living in a material world

10 year old has been grovelling for the personal ownership of gadgets since she was old enough to appreciate the wonders of technology. Lately she's turned her attention to the iPad as her gadget of the moment.
Even if we were made of money (which we're not), I'm not sure I'd just dole it out just like that.
She's persistent, I'd grant her that but after a while, it gets tiresome.

She was gungho about saving up for one but gets sidetracked by the latest collectible fad. Gomu, Smiggle, Trash cans... etc etc... With all the money she's spent on her rubber collection, I'm sure she would've been at least a third of the way to getting an iPad by now.

I suppose all this comes with the parenting territory. As if parenting wasn't hard enough, we too have to battle the rampant consumerism all around us. I have nothing against people throwing around their hard earned cash on themselves but I do wonder about the wisdom of cluttering up our children's lives with the latest expensive doovalackeys especially when they don't really appreciate the ramifications of ownership and stewardship.
It's not just gadgets either... it's stuff.

Gadgets, I like... a lot... but some times I feel like a dinosaur. Increasingly I see gadgets less as toys but more as responsibilities.
Owning an iPhone, for instance, is fun but becomes horrendously expensive when it gets accidentally left behind in a public place. I'm near paranoid about losing mine so I'm always checking that I have it. I won't even leave it at home lest "thieves break in and steal".
There's also the issue of time stewardship too. Let's face it, these modern mobile devices have plenty of time wasters available at one's fingertips... deliberately addictive time wasters.
As the old saying goes... good servants but bad masters.

The woman in the mirror battles with materialism too. Everyday.
We have plenty of choices... too many... the price of material liberty, I suppose.

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