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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Two weeks later...

How did I fare as a working mum this past week?
Better perhaps... but still feeling vaguely frustrated that time seems to slip through my fingers like water. Frustrated that there's not a lot of time to read more than a few pages at a time without that drowsy feeling overtaking me.
Frustrated that I seem to spend half my time going after the children about this, that and the other. Just wish that they would do things the first time I ask them to.
Would be nice... very nice indeed.

I'm enjoying the teaching part of my job and having mildly enthusiastic students probably help make it all palatable. Colleagues have been very considerate and concerned. I often get asked in these early days about how I'm getting on.
Quite likely I'm overdoing it with the preparation but some days I feel like I'm starting from scratch. I don't much like winging it. I could and I do occasionally but I'm too much of a control freak to live in such a mode.
It's a lot harder than what I remember having to wear these different hats. I don't envisage that I'll have a lot of time to spare in days to come.

Procrastinating is what I'm doing right now... blogging instead of finishing up my assignment for Cert IV in Training and Assessment. Tedious, repetitious and distastefully bureaucratic... a death knell combination for diligence on my part. A necessity, I've been told, to be employed in my current capacity.
Necessity for whom, I wonder.

Still, I've been telling the 10 year old that she has to keep up with her maths even if she doesn't like it. I certainly didn't enjoy maths all that much. Now that I'm a mama I've got to set a good example and soldier on.
But it's life, is it not... to do things we don't like in order to get somewhere, with the priviso that it doesn't cause us to bend or break our moral boundaries.

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