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Sunday, February 5, 2012

A working mum

An old school mate asked me the other day on Facebook how I do it... that is... raise kids, work and get the housework done.

The truth is, I haven't gotten a lot of housework done since I started back at work. Aside of doing bulk cooking, keeping the kitchen looking somewhat presentable, doing the laundry and barking orders at the children to keep clothes off the floor, most of the cleaning has been done by the husband.

Two parents working outside the home requires a high level of teamwork and organization. I'm no supermum and I seriously doubt that such an entity exists.

The reality was that after three days of being back at work, I was close to tears... the house was in shambles and I was exhausted. We had also missed 4 year old's swimming appointment. I felt that I was losing control.

The husband and I had a big long talk. I wasn't sleeping well... I don't sleep well when going through enormously stressful times... which exacerbated the chaos I was feeling.

So we got onto Google Calendar which surprisingly solved quite a lot of problems. Honestly, I wished I had got onto it sooner.
Using iCal and an app called Awesome Cal on both our phones, we can sync with each other's Goo-Cals and see one another's schedules. Plus each event can be set with not one but TWO alerts to remind us of appointments and tasks in need of our attention.
Incredibly, such a simple thing has given me back some feeling of being on top of things.

Things aren't perfect... but at least I sleep better each night.

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