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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Public Policy

Next week the people in my state get to vote for a new government. If the blogs I read are to be believed, there's an almost gleeful feeling in the air that change is coming.

I suppose I'm one of those who hate election campaigns because more often than not we see some of the worst of human nature on display. And the past few weeks, we certainly have... from people who are supposed to govern us.

At church today, a more senior member of our congregation remarked to me that "we don't have the leaders we need" to which I agreed heartily. However, the more I thought about that, the more I came to the conclusion that although that is true on some level (and the quality of our politicans have deterioriated over the years), I think the problem lies with us, the voting public. We let things slide, we let the pollies put one over us and we accept the decline in the quality of news reporting.
More and more I see that the politicans we get is in very large part a reflection of the community's values and general indifference to public policy.

It's a hard thing to say because I am part of the community. These days we tolerate all manner of sin far too readily.

My whole thought process dovetailed nicely with the sermon I heard this morning. Isaiah, when confronted with the glory of God, saw himself as he was. A man of unclean lips. A man belonging to a people of unclean lips.
Until we return to the fundamentals, I don't think it really matters who we vote for.

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