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Friday, March 16, 2012

So this is parenting...

One of the hardest and most heart-breaking things about parenting is trying to explain to your children the darker side of "having friends".
Generally, I try not to interfere/intervene unless the kerfuffle encroaches on prized family rules. I do, however, offer advice. Afterall, it is important that they have friends and learn how to deal with all aspects of human nature as is manifested in people they call "friends".
Undoubtedly it frustrates the 10 year old (and her mother) that other people parent from a different playbook. And in a free society, that's inevitable.
It isn't that I claim to have all the answers about parenting which seems to get harder as our community becomes more diverse but there are some basic things I do believe strongly in like:
  • Boundaries
  • Consequences
  • Taking responsibility for one's actions/possessions
  • Respect for one's elders
Once upon a time these were commonsensical things notions but apparently they have fallen out of favour with large sections of the populace to varying degrees. I shouldn't be but I'm surprised that not everything thinks the same way.
It's hard... to keep at it... I know, I struggle through the process too. And I feel like such a snob prattling on like this. Still, if I'm honest... I find that my greatest parenting challenge, as the children get older, has become other people's children. There are days when I am in sympatico with increasing numbers of people choosing to homeschool their children.

On the postive side, I find it instructive to ask myself semi-regularly... what sort of children am I unleashing on the world?
Sometimes I like the answer, often I don't.

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