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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Update: This post is really over a week old. Was going to get back to it but didn't.

I was going to post something about Mary Poppins on the weekend but the sleep zombies had got to me Thursday night and I felt really horrible on Friday. For a while there with my sinuses banging around inside... I thought some wicked bug was coming my way. Hence it was bed all weekend for moi, just to be on the safe side.

So... yes... 10 year old and I went to a live show of Mary Poppins -- late birthday present for me and early birthday present for her. Because I uhmed and ahed for too long... I didn't have too many choices left to me by the time I decided to go for it. So I went for the cheap seats in the balcony because I was feeling cheap and the choices were largely limited to opposite ends of the cost spectrum.

When the show started I found plenty of reasons to regret my decision. Most importantly, the actors looked tiny. Hard to see the expressions on their faces when one is that far back. 10 year old and I spent a lot of time sitting up and peering over. Other than that, we had a really good time.

The show was spectacular. The performances were really good (singing, dancing) and I should make special mention of the talented lad who played Bert. Not only is his cockney accent better than Dick van Dyke's but he is quite the tap dancer. Apparently he has been a regular on a reality talent show called "Dancing with the Stars".
I did miss the dancing penguins and the race horses but all in all it was a colourful, clever show.

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  1. Yes, I know what you mean. Years ago we saw Cats and I thought exactly the same thing - we were just too far from the action.

    Bit of trivia for you - Mary Poppins was the very first movie I ever saw at the cinema! I must have only been about 4 years old ... it was a loooong time ago :-)


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