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Sunday, July 28, 2013

The other day we received a call from the school office...

While at work a few days ago, I got a call from the husband telling me the school had rung him.
My first thought was "Oh... oh... which child is it? What did she do now?"

Apparently the second child -- was determined to undertake an after-school activity after I had said "no" -- had put in a form and money at the school office.
Fortunately the lady at the office had her wits about her and tried to contact us about it (I was in classes at the time and only found out later) because she thought it was strange that the form was filled in with crayon and the money wasn't quite right.

When I picked her up from after school care, I confronted her about it and she denied vehemently that she had done such a thing. Riiiiiiiiiiiight... sure...
And then there was the mysterious $20... where did that come from? She didn't have a cent to her name.
She claimed it came from her "piggy bank". Riiiiiiiiiiiight... sure...
So I invoked the fear of Dad into her. "If you don't tell me where you took the money from I will ask Dad to talk to you."
The response was immediate. "Okay... okay. I took it from [Big Sister]."
Which I had already suspected was the case.

They didn't prepare us for this sort of thing during ante-natal classes.

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