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Monday, April 21, 2014

Surviving Traffic in Suburbia

I like living in the suburbs and I like living some distance from the CBD and yet still enjoy easy access to city life without having to battle tooth and nail through peak hour traffic. It's the one thing I haven't missed... sitting on the freeway thirty seconds at a time... starting and stopping... and that sense of relief... when I finally catch a glimpse of the Brisbane River. Yup, I'm glad not to be working in the CBD or in the inner city suburbs for that reason at least.

Over the years I've noticed that our street has become busier -- the traffic is getting so bad that it's hard to even get past our own driveway. School traffic is also something of a nightmare and if I didn't have to pick up two children from two different places, I'd be walking. These days, one has to arrive in the vicinity at least 20 minutes before chaos descends in the otherwise quiet neighbouring streets. It's quite the challenge trying not to kill someone or have an unpleasant encounter with another vehicle. In my less gracious moments I have unkind thoughts about our local school and the number of students they feel obliged to take in.

Daughter #1 started high school this year and we made a decision to send her to a Christian school about twenty minutes away thinking that we would be using the school bus but that didn't pan out so we've become a two car family after almost eighteen years of just managing with one. I don't particularly enjoy driving even after twenty plus years -- it's stressful trying to read the minds of one's fellow drivers and trying to second guess the timing of red lights. So it's at least one hour in the car doing the school drop offs and then heading off to work. Lots of music playing in the car to take the edge off the monotony. We're definitely doing our best to wear out the iPhone jack. Wasn't happy about it initially but I've made peace with the situation. The fact that Daughter #1 is thriving in the new environment probably makes it easier to accept the new arrangement. I'm also thinking that I'll start doing audiobooks again. I finished I, Claudius mainly on car trips to work a couple of years ago.  Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell has been much more of a challenge rather like an endurance sport. It's very well written but nothing much seems to be happening.

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