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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Jargon Makers

The husband and I had an interesting but succinct conversation about academics and bureaucrats yesterday. We're both convinced that they're all cut from the same cloth. Birds of a feather etc... that sort of thing. Their impulse to invent new jargon is probably only exceeded by their need to reinvent the wheel with annoying regularity. Having had not just a taste but a gutful of both in recent days, I find it terrifying that these people rule the world... that they are responsible for public policy and apparently... occasionally, the execution of it. Often I wonder if the obfuscation is a deliberate thing that they do to... you know.. control the conversation.

Why this rant? Well, I'm a part-time university student again. Yup... need I say more? A part-time postgraduate student to be more precise. The student thing started last year and I've been limping along with that bit of baggage since then.

Maybe I'm a simpleton but my question is: Why ramble on for 5 pages when you can do it one paragraph...

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